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Experienced precision engineering and more…

CLE was established in 1973 providing machining services to various market sectors.  The company has invested heavily in technology and robotics and in 2006 automated its shop floor introducing lights out unmanned manufacturing.

CLE’s niche is its outstanding flexibility and technology. CLE’s investment in modern hi-tech CNC machinery and robotics has set the company apart from the competition.  With the willingness and culture of the workforce to embrace multi-manning and LEAN production methods, this has given the company a secure base from which to grow further.

The company is committed to building solid customer and supplier relationships built on the foundation of transparency and trust.  CLE is very much customer focused with a drive to growth and investment on the customers behalf.

CLE has a reputation for delivering consistent quality and offering customer value in the service we provide.  We operate a robust quality system with a drive for continual improvement across the whole of the business.

As part of the Pexion Group, CLE can now offer more engineering and manufacturing services to help ensure its competitive market position. 

Engineering Design

CAD/CAM/CMM solutions using the latest integrated software

Operational Analytics

Integrated internal systems provide visibility for control and management of work

Digital Security

CLE’s Cyber Security is provided through expert systems, rigorous internal training, end user awareness, and centralised data management


Combining the assets of all Group Companies CLE can offer a complete solution

Quality Assured

CLE subscribe to all ISO standards. Quality is a ‘culture’ promoted and employed across Pexion.


Automation of manufacturing, information, and compliance is essential to provide more for less.

Engineering Solutions




Nuclear Power


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